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April's Car of The Month!

Whats up everyone! First of all, sorry for the LONG hiatus... but life picked up heavier than expected. On the bright side, I have the next few months all planned/ready to unload on yall thanks to some social distancing measures that have been enacted by the great state of Texas lol

So without any further delay, let me present APRIL'S CAR OF THE MONTH

This month’s car goes to a good friend's 2013 Mazdaspeed3. I know him as Casey (25) but yall might know him as Swooty_mcbooty on insta.

He is also Co-Owner of Elysium Performance, a performance shop with a focus on boosted cars in and around Austin Texas. For more info or to get work done, yall can find them on instagram at Elysium.Performance.

Funny story on how we met/know each other. He and one of my great longtime friends, Markus, knew each other from the rave/edm scene, and I happen to meet Casey through our mutual car friends/group. Then once Casey and I began talking, we realized how small this world is.

So Casey got his speed3 like everyone else who’s liked quick cars. Mod friendly and its incredible practicality (I know this because my first sporty car was a speed3). However, Casey had been wanting one since high school and when his job (at Mazda) had one on the lot, he YOLO’d it and snagged his sexy GenPu!

Like most of us, we all have the one thing we love about our cars/trucks. In the case of Casey and his Speed, it is how much fun it is for him to drive and the big ol grin that comes along with it.

Being that both of us are born and raised in Austin, TX, we know that the car scene here has not always been big and great like other cities. Regardless of that, the pro about it is that everyone pretty much knows everyone, whether it be by the type of car they drive or the people they know, or more relatable their instagram handle.

So now to the juicy part! The mod list.

When I asked Casey, what all he had done to it, he let out a long sigh and said, let me pull out my list. I expected some type of scoll but he just sent it over to me on gmail which was good in my opinion.

Mods: (puts reading glasses on)

  • Vis racing carbon fiber hood

  • JC Speedworks hood vent

  • Aerocatch hood pins

  • ESR SR12 wheels

  • 255/35/18 Firestone Firehawks

  • Wilwood 4 pot fronts brakes

  • Stoptech braided brake lines

  • Stoptech drilled/slotted rotors

  • DOT4 conversion

  • JBR rear wiper delete

  • Braum Alpha X seats

  • Corksport shifter bushings

  • Corksport short shift plate

  • Corksport catless downpipe

  • Corksport catless racepipe

  • Resonator delete

  • Whitezilla a/c compressor delete

  • fully fuckin gutted

  • JBR EGR delete

  • White widow thermal intake gaskets

  • CPE deltacore front mount intercooler

  • CPE injector seals

  • CPE motor mounts

  • Corksport short ram intake

  • Corksport turbo inlet

  • Corksport HPFP internals

  • Rey's e85 HPFP o-rings

  • Muteki lug nuts

  • CFM valve cover breather

  • Kotzur racing powdercoated valve cover

  • Racethetix valve cover hardware

  • Kotzur Racing PNP manifold

  • Kotzur Racing wire tuck

  • Late Night Racing coil turn bracket

  • H&R lowering springs

  • Dizzy Tuning e30 tune

  • Turbosmart BOV

  • Street Unit weighted shift knob

  • Southbend stage 2 endurance racing clutch

  • RallyArmor mudflaps

  • Kotzur Racing custom dual catch cans

  • Corksport steering wheel

  • Corksport strut tower bar

  • Bosch 3 bar MAP sensor

  • Cobb EBCS

Yall still there?

He did say it was a long list ha.

If you ever hung out with Casey, you immediately get the vibe that he moves to his own aura. He does what he likes and does not care what other's think.

You can easily see that translated in his Speed3. Track beast but still a daily driver.

Of course with all this, he had to have some numbers on a dyno sheet. He stated that it is a "conservative" 330-340 WHP. Now some people might say your M3 has more power blah blah, but with his car weighing in at just over 2,600 lbs on a wet day, this Speed3 will give your fat, overfeed M3 a run for its money.

I asked Casey, what his most memorable moment with the Speed3 was and he said while holding back a laugh, "When I made a local salty in his big turbo Gen1 [Mazdaspeed 3] with a GTX3071 by taking him to Gapplebees." There's nothing better than letting your car do the talking.

With all that being said, one knows that a project car is never truly finished.

So after the long mod list he has on the speed, I simply asked, whats next?

He said, "That list is nothing to whats coming up but I still need a big turbo and a built motor among lots of other things." So its fair to assume this speed will be providing a lot more smiles for him pretty soon.

Any special shoutouts?

Yeah my f***ing bank account!!

Well said Swooty McBooty, well said lol

And a special shoutout and thanks to Elysium Performance, the one stop shop for boosted cars.

As for me here at MannyZoomMedia, I'd like to thank yall for coming for April's Car of the Month! As always, yall can find me on instagram at Manny_Zoom or my Evo page at Tx_Evo.

Enjoy the photos below and until next month, stay safe, wear your masks and wash ya hands! Ya nasties!

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