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June's Car of The Month!

Welcome back yall! Manny here, and that means it is that time of the month where we shine the spotlight on a special car around the Central Texas area. All the way from Singapore, representing for the month of June we have Clement. Clement, 23, is the proud owner of a MK5 Toyota Supra in Absolute Zero White. We were lucky here at Illegally Imported to be able to see this beautiful machine up close and personal. Check out our chat with Clement from Singapore.

Illegally Imported: What’s up man? First off, thank you for meeting up and allowing me to shoot this stunning beautiful Supra, especially during these crazy times. Before we get to the car, what has inspired you into the tuner/car culture?

Clement: No problem man. Thanks for having me. I remember when I first moved to the US and my brother would take me along with him to attend local car meets and car shows he competed his car build in. His fellow car friends would roll up early in the morning at our place on the day of car show, and you would just know when they showed up because of the notable sound of tuner-car exhausts filling the air. It would feel like Fast and Furious in reality and everyone always ended up having a good time. 

ii (Manny): I can definitely relate. Back when I lived in Dallas, I would make it a point to go to every meet possible with my old roommate. It is just special to be able to soak in the enthusiasm and atmosphere that you get at those meets. As a fellow car junkie, I completely understand the impact of all the Fast and Furious movies on the car culture as a whole. From what we drive, how we drive, how we modify it and why. Everyone has their own tastes and styles. In saying that, what steered you towards the Supra?

Clement: I was looking for a sporty weekend car, and my brother had just mentioned about the new Fast and Furious 9 with the newly revived Supra being featured in it. After researching more about it I fell in love with the history of the Supra. It made it a no brainer to go cop a Launch Edition Supra.

ii (Manny): What is your favorite feature of the Supra?

Clement: It’s got to be the feeling you get driving it, hands down! The Mk5 Supra definitely is a joy behind the wheel. It handles amazing and feels very well balanced despite it’s power and speed.

ii (Manny): OOOF! I can imagine. I love rear wheel drive cars and they can just push you into your seat as you accelerate. Have you modified anything under the hood to give you some more power? How much are you pushing to the wheels?

Clement: I have not put the Supra on a dyno yet, but I would guess I am around 339 horsepower and 427 lb-ft torque at the wheels.

As for mods, my full mod list is:

 Avant Garde M520R Wheels

 Nitto NT555R Tires

 BC Racing Coilovers

 HKS Stainless Steel Dual Exhaust Titanium Tips Cat back Exhaust

 Fly1 Motorsports x Auto Tuned

 Samurai Rear Trunk Carbon Top Spoiler.

ii (Manny): Nice, the Mod Bug hits hard! This is only the beginning considering you have not had the car very long. I mean, how far would you want to push it?

Clement: Still slightly torn on this because part of me wants to go really crazy with this build (wide-body, big turbo, tune, downpipe, etc.) while the other part of me hopes to try and keep this car as pristine as possible since it is a 1 of 1500 piece that will be historically remembered as the return of Supra after close to 20 years in stopped production. I am closely considering the options as to what mods I want to go with the Supra.

ii (Manny): Through all of this, what is something you look back and just brings a smile to your face? Or something that just will make you remember for a long time.

Clement: Taking my mom out for a “dinner date” in my Supra while she was visiting the US, and watching how excited she was to relive the moment of sitting in a Supra once again after 30 years. As a kid, I remember my mom sharing stories of how her ex-boss used to drive the Mk3 Supra. Although she never was a fan of sports cars, the only one sports car that she remembers and appreciates to this day is the Supra.

ii (Manny): That's awesome. My mom freaks out just when I hit boost, so it is hard to get her into my car ha. Before we head out, are there any sponsors you want to shout out or anyone you want to say thank you to?

Clement: The Launch Edition Supra currently has no official sponsors as yet, and we are actively seeking sponsorship opportunities in working together with name brand quality partners. Feel free to drop a DM to @surely.driven! Also, I would like to thank you for coming out early in the morning to catch the “Golden Hour” and the dedication to taking the time to shoot and showcase the Launch Edition Supra. I would also like to thank my brother (@jus_tyn / @thejmedia) for linking us up and making all of this happen!

Well folks, check out the pictures of the shoot and hit up Clement's Instagram @surely.driven to get some other looks at this beautiful car.

That is a wrap for June's Car of The Month! Stay tuned for next months feature as we will again have something beautiful lined up.

Until then, check out my car Insta and also @illegallyimported for more pictures of other cars/features. Also don't be shy, slide into the DMs so we schedule a shoot anywhere in the Austin, Houston or DFW area. Be safe, and don't forget to drive fast and free!

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