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Whats up everyone!

Well apologies for the hiatus for the month of April, it was a busy month with shoots that weren't car related, plus rain doesn't give you much to work with BUT, we do have a car the month of May. Let me tell you that with summer around the corner this car is bringing the HEAT!

This month's car is Preston's Mitsubishi Evolution X. I met Preston through our Band Of Evos group here in Austin. We linked up to do get some shots back when I first started getting into photography and been kicking it ever since. He is the admin for the Band of Evos group so I couldn't think of anyone better suited to represent the beginning of car show season (actually began back in March/April but whatever, dont @ me).

I asked him, because I have an X too, what made him get the Evo. He stated he always liked the history of the Evos in rally racing and wanted one just like them. I laughed a little inside because everyone associates rally with the sloburus but I too, like making crop circles in grasslands lol.

I continued to on the see what his favorite thing about the Evo was. Here I thought it would be the wide variety of aftermarket parts this platform had, or how THICCC the Evo X's body looked, but no. He pretty much piggy backed off his reasoning for getting the Evo, the AWD (All Wheel Drive). He loves the control he gets in and out the corners and the responsiveness, regardless of rain, it gives when pushing it.

Of course, me being the basic person I am with my Evo, I wanted to see what was under his hood. At first he told me he was stock, but I called BS and well it's quite a list...

The Goods:

He has a K&N Short Ram Intake, AEM Boost Controller, Invidia N1 Titanium Exhaust, 450 Fuel PUmp, Mishimioto Upper & Lower Intercooler Piping and a dual tune with 93 Octane and e85.

His most memoreable moment with the Evo was when was getting it tuned and dynoed in Houston at CP Motorsports. When he saw this bad boy throw out a respectable 350 aWHP, He was content but not satisfied (because the build NEVER ends).

Of course now that he had some power to back his punch, he needed to stay planted. With OEM Recaros already in place, he went on to install a Recks Half Cage to go along with his Takata Race Harnesses. Not only that but he slapped in AEM Boost and AEM Air/Fuel Ratio gauges to make sure he could trouble shoot any potential hiccups the car could have.

With the engine modifications and interior in check, he had to get the aero and exterior on point as well. With the Seibon Carbon Fiber Hood paired with the Seibon Canards and Seibon Vortex Generator, he was ready to roll around and break necks.

Looking forward, he plans to get coilovers, new set of wheels to complete the exterior. Mechanically, he plans to get a fully build motor and a built transmission to throw down a nice 600 aWHP.

For this weekend warrior the build is not near it's completion. Preston would like to thank his sponsors over at Mobb Motorsports, Fitment Industries, Mishimoto and CP Motorsports for helping get him this far.

As for myself, I would like to thank you for checking out this month's CAR OF THE MONTH! As always yall can find me on instagram @manny_zoom or @tx_evo

Don't forget to follow and tag #IllegallyImported for your chance to get a free photoshoot and be featured as next's month Car of the Month!

Until then, enjoy the gallery below, change your oil, check your tire pressure and be safe out there!

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