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June's Car of The Month

In partnership with MannyZoom Media and Wrasslin' Kingdom Entertainment, we present to you the Car of The Month! This joint collaboration that will be posted monthly, to you, the reader. Now you are probably asking why is this necessary? Well, I am the common link between all three publications, thus I am trying to steal the spot light, success and the money... Not really, just feel like it is fair to our monthly winner to get as much public exposure as possible to showcase their beautiful builds.

Da Basics

Name: Justin Chong

Instagram: @jus_tyn and @thejmedia

YouTube: The J Media

Age: 26

Hometown: Singapore

MannyZoomMedia (MMM): What made you get this car? What are some of your favorite aspects of it?

Justin: When I first got this car, I was looking for a budget friendly-sporty sedan to use for Uber. It has to be how aggressive the car looks, especially with my mods, which include my custom wide body, Varis front bumper and the TE37SL wheels.

MMM: What is your mod-list? (Brace yourself readers)

Justin: *Deep Breath*

VIS Racing Carbon Fiber Terminator GT Hood

Varis front bumper

Carbon Fiber Lip

Carbon Fiber Canards

Custom VLand Retrofit Headlights

Sickspeed Gold Hella Supertone Horns

Carbon Fiber Mirror Covers

Rays Volk Racing TE37SL wheels

Rays lugnuts

Rays valve stem cap

Continental Extreme Contact Sport tires

Victory Function Front Widebody Fenders

Custom made 1 of 1 Rear Widebody Fenders

NEPA Motorsports Widebody hardware

Side Window Visors

Carbon Fiber Window Pillars

Carbon Fiber Door Handles

Carbon Fiber Window Vents

Custom Side Splitter

Password JDM carbon fiber winglet

Black with gold flakes painted brake calipers

Sypder LED Taillights

Custom 4th LED brake light

Carbon fiber vortex generator

Duraflex Power M Rear Diffuser

Custom Made 1 of 1 Rear Diffuser

Top Secret Carbon Fiber Rear Spats

Varis Euro GT carbon fiber wing

Chasing J's titanium wing bolts

Rexspeed Carbon Fiber Duckbill

Carbon Fiber License Plate Frame

Custom Black license plate

Tein Street Basis Coilovers

SPC Rear Camber Kit

Megan Racing Rear Sway Bar

Stoptech drilled and slotted rotors

Hawk Performance HPS pads

ATC 200 brake fluid

HKS Hi Power exhaust

K1 Exhaust Specialist S Pipe

Cipher Auto Harness Bar

Braum Racing Elite X Seats

Takata 4 point racing harness

10.2 inch Andriod Play Double Din

Rexspeed Carbon Fiber Climate Control Bezel

Shift Koncepts Carbon Fiber paddle shifters

Rexspeed Carbon Fiber Crown Meter Dash Cover

Full carbon fiber hydrodipped interior

Cobb Accessport

Rallinspired tune

Chasing J's titanium coil pack cover

HPS Performance Red Coolant Hoses

Custom Buchanan Coolant Reservoir

Modify Street Gold Engine Bay Dress Up Bolts

Carbon Fiber Coolant Cap

Rexspeed Carbon Fiber Fuse Box Cover

Hydrodipped Engine Bay Parts

Injen Cold Air Intake

Megan Racing Front Strut Bar

MMM: What is your power output? At the Wheel?

Justin: Haven't had it dynoed so I'm not sure.

MMM: Most memorable moment? Any future plans for your beautiful car?

Justin: Winning Best Mitsubishi at Wekfest Texas has definitely been my most memorable moment since I have started this build. I am having a few Defi gauges wired and front splitter by Project Motorsports made soon. I also want a limited edition Vertex steering wheel, turbo the car, big brake kit and possibly wrapping it a different color.

I have been focusing going to car shows around Texas for the past 2 years but would like to have more track seat time this year. I took the Lancer to it's second track day this year and it was a bunch of fun!

MMM: Any sponsors to shout out? Any other shoutouts?

Justin: None at the moment. (If you love his build and would love to sponsor him, click on check out his Instagram page!)

A big thank you to all my friends who have helped me worked on the car. A huge shoutout to my subscribers on YouTube too for watching my build since I bought it brand new in November 2015. I want to inspire other car owners to build their cars! Thank you for the car feature MannyZoom Media!!!!



Texas Heat Wave - 2nd Best Import

Wekfest - Best Mitsubishi

Clean Car Alliance - 2nd best Mitsubishi


Tuned Originals - 2nd Best Mitsubishi

Import Expo - 2nd Best Mitsubishi

I want to give a HUGE thank you to Justin for allowing me to check out his ride and giving me a moment of his time. Again, go check out his pages and follow them as he continues this monster build. Shout out to MannyZoom Media and Wrasslin' Kingdom Entertainment for partnering up on this. Don't forget to follow MannyZoom Media on Instagram and Illegally Imported.

Until then, enjoy the gallery below and stay tuned for the July's Car of the Month!

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