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With Spring upon us, I thought to myself, "what car would be great to warm up and go for a cruise?" Then my buddy Tim hit me up. With his Bright Yellow Camaro SS 1LE ready to roll, what was I gonna do, say no?

A little about Tim and what led him down this path.

Tim started off with a white WRX that was nice, but he wanted to have some fun with his whip. So what did he do? He went to a BRZ where he shed a few pounds on the chassis and took that baby sideways, but it still lacked the juice he craved.

Considering Tim has a plethora of motorcycles a his disposal and even races them at track events (being the dare devil that he is) he knew he needed more to the wheels. So he traded in the rice machine for a gas guzzling yellow American MONSTER!

Dah Pics!

With #SXSW populating some of the central Austin area shooting spots, we decided to go for a nice cruise to the Mansfield Dam here at Lake Travis. With today being the ONLY nice day in quite sometime, we had to take full advantage of it.

Of course with his 6-Liter V8 throwing out over 400 Horsepower to the wheels, stock, it was pretty tough for my little Evo to keep up. Pair his V8 with a set of Kooks Headers, K&N Intake, a FlowMaster Exhaust system and custom tune, you can bet his "400" Hp made it a thrilling, and terrifying, drive through 2222 (if you're from Austin, ya know).

With his "undisclosed" power to the wheels, his tires have virtually no tread left. So Tim has a new set of Continental Extreme Contact Sport, 285s in the front and 315s in the rear, on the way for his upcoming track day at Circuits of The Americas (which I am super jelly of).

All in all, this Camaro 1LE is a BADDDD car, he took me for some pulls and even I was shook. So if you're looking for a great car to ride off into the sunset with, be sure to give the good old American Muscle a peek. You won't be disappointed, and this is coming from a Import Fanatic.


Here in the REV CORNER, I use this for any shout outs that the owner of the Car of The Month wants to give. He wants to thank his wife Hannah for always supporting him in everything he does and keeping him in check from buying more motorcycles ha

Also a shout out to those sad BRZs that want to try to pull on him, but he doesn't even try because he already gets terrible gas mileage :D

That's this month's CAR OF THE MONTH! Don't forget to follow me on Instagram @manny_zoom and @tx_evo for a chance to get a free photoshoot of your car and be featured as the Car of the Month! Stay tuned for the next one, enjoy the pics from our photoshoot below. Take Care!

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