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Project Motorsports & Friends

Updated: Apr 2, 2019

Alright yall, April is here, which means March just ended yesterday (duh).

BUT not without a bang from the HQ over at Project Motorsports.

A little about Project Motorsports

Eric and Alisa started Project M as a group of Mazdaspeed3 owners in Austin, which being a Gen2 Speed owner myself is how I met them many years back at one of the many Wells Branch Car meets, Cars & Coffee at the Oasis or the random Home Depot Meets. I can't remember honestly but of course it was our mutual love for cars, Mazdaspeed3s in general that gave a friendship that has lasted till this day.

The Juice

So yesterday Project Motorsports had a, what I like to call, kick off meet at their new shop! Friends and fellow car enthusiasts showed up yesterday and showed their support.

Their shop does everything from installations, part ordering and especially aero kits for any car you have. Definitely check them out.

Like these side skirts they did for Justin’s Bagged Wagon, which if yall can’t tell by the pictures below, was DEFINITELY one of my favorites from this meet.

The community Project M has built in Austin is second to none. Everyone there was genuinely into cars. It did not matter the make, model, year, experience driving, or build; if you liked cars you were at the right place!

My Evo felt the most basic of all the cars there, and to my non car friends that think my car is “extra”, I have nothing on the guys I met yesterday.

Just take a look and see.

At the end of the day it was fun to meet people from different areas of town that I had only known through Instagram (typical millennial). Now our community has only gotten that much stronger.

Remember to head out to Cars & Coffee at Circuits of The Americas this Sunday (4/7) morning at 8AM. Now you don’t have to be there at that time but you know I will..

Dont be scared to hit me up on Instagram @manny_zoom or @tx_evo to let me know if I will see you there so we can get your some pics of your ride!

Until then follow the car page @illegallyimported to keep up with all the car pictures from all over Texas and enjoy the pics from yesterdays meet at Project Motorsports HQ!

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